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The Living Air Classic has been on the market for 20 years and has proven its consistency. In our goal to bring you the best, innovative technology to help you keep your home healthy, this air purifier is the one you should try. It is perfect for indoor areas that require heavy pollution reduction or "light" industrial applications.

Ideal for the average home, with performance capabilities to handle large and small areas where smoke, pet odors, or other strong pollutants are an issue. For twenty years people just like you and me have been using the Classic in their homes and businesses.

What's The #1 Home Trend Experts Are Predicting

Increasingly energy efficient homes have created interiors that are a virtual soup of odors and fumes from indoor pollutants. Americans spend over 90% of their time indoors and often the quality of air is worse than what we find outdoors. Homes and commercial buildings are sealed so well that despite circulation by heating and cooling systems, odors and particulates swirl around with nowhere to go but into your lungs.(source Battelle)

Benefits of the living air Classic
Covers up to 3000 sq ft
Eliminates smoke and odors quickly
Simple easy to use adjustment and operation
Works well in light commercial applications Max 03
360 mg/hr

Power Usage
30 watts

Lint Screens & Filters
Lint screen
Optional prefilter
Optional EcoHelp filter

Homes, offices, light industrial

3,000 ft2

8” wide x 11.75” high x 9.75” deep

19 lbs

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