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First I will tell you a little bit about us. My name is Susan but all my life everyone has called me Suzi. My husband's name is Michael, and that is what everyone calls him (no nickname). I grew up spending my summers on my Grandparent's cotton farm in Alabama. Michael grew up on Long Island, NY. In fact he was born in Brooklyn and moved to Long Island with his mom, dad, 5 brothers, and one sister.

Hi, Michael here, growing up I had a passion for mechanical things. My dad had some woodworking tools in the garage and one day I tried them out on a pipe rack for my dad. At that moment I was hooked. As I matured in my hobby, I built larger and more complicated wood projects. My favorite project was the furniture I made for my grandson, a chest-of-drawers, highchair, baby crib, child's teddy bear rocker, all made out of walnut and oak logs blown down during a hurricane. You can see them on the "Recycled Wood" page. For several years my brother and I made "Toys For Tots", one of those years we made nearly 300 toys.

Hi again, Susan here, growing up on a farm made me aware of how important it is to live with nature. We depended on her goodness to provide enough rain for the crops, and we all knew that if the crops failed, you go hungry that winter. Those long summer days were a true joy to us kids. We spent our days picking blackberries, shelling peas, feeding the cows, and picking cotton. That wasn't fun, but we earned 50 cents per day. When we were done for the day, my Grandfather would pile us all up in his truck and take us to Ike's store for soda pop and candy.

I have always been aware of how delicate the balance is between mankind and the environment, so I have made it my goal to help people to live green. That is why we built this website, to give people tips on how to live green and to keep their families healthy.

We did a lot of research, and found products that we feel will help to accomplish this goal. And we will continue to search for the best products to help you "Go Green" and help keep your family healthy. Please look at what we have to offer, and see if you don't agree.

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