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Good water quality is critical to the health of your family. When we lived in our house in New York, we had well water. Let me tell you, it was awful. My bathroom was constantly orange from the rust in the water. For years, I thought my blond daughter was a redhead. We used bottled water for drinking and cooking, about 5 gallons a day. Every day I wished for some sort of water purification system that we could install to clean up the water. We finally moved out. Just before the house was sold, the city installed public water and sewer, too late for us.

Although, most people do not have those kind of problems; however, a good many of public water supplies are not healthy. All sources of drinking water contain naturally occurring contaminants. In most cases the levels are low enough not to affect water quality.

Some of these naturally occurring contaminants, include radon, radium, and arsenic. Also, people, animals, and industry can add contaminants to our water supply, including microorganisms, pesticides, and nitrates. Therefore, protecting your water supply can be paramount. Most city water suppliers will test your water for free. Mine does it annually.

As you explore our website, you will find many products that will help to solve your water problems. We promote products produced by Crystal Quest, an American Company. All of them are good water purifiers and some of them make alkaline water.

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