PRI-D Diesel Treatment

PRI-D is a super concentrated diesel treatment that preserves the physical and thermal stability qualities of all diesel fuels in long-term storage. For any fuel that has already suffered the effects of degradation, PRI-D can also be applied to restore the fuels to refinery freshness. With greatly improved physical and thermal stability:

Keeps fuel fresh for months and even years

Restores degraded fuels to freshness

Ignition quality is preserved and enhanced

Engines perform better and last longer

Power is increased and fuel economy realized

Engines start quickly and operate reliably

Fuel filters remain cleaner, requiring fewer costly changes

Tanks and fuel lines remain free of slime and sludge

Smoke opacity is dramatically reduced

Keeps Fuel Fresh and Ready To Use
– It’s a fact: Today’s modern hydro-treatment refining processes produce diesel fuels that have a tendency to deteriorate in storage at rates much faster than years ago. Over time, ignition quality deteriorates, resulting in harder starts. Fuel systems and filters are compromised. Damaging fuel system and engine deposits prematurely advance engine wear. PRI-D works chemically within diesel fuel to maintain and improve fuel freshness, extending storage life for months, even years at a time. Even most severely degraded fuels can be restored to a refinery-fresh condition with
PRI-D – a capability confirmed in independently conducted ASTM D2274 Accelerated Stability Tests.

Optimum Performance- PRI-D maintains peak ignition quality. With the improved combustion of PRI-D treated fuel, you will realize increased power from your engine.
At the same time, you will enjoy greater fuel economy

PRI-D is also extremely effective at reducing harmful emissions.
Reduced Maintenance Costs – PRI-D is a highly effective preventative maintenance tool.
PRI-D’s proprietary, refinery-grade chemistry is unsurpassed at preventing carbon deposits and fuel system fouling. Your engine will remain cleaner and last longer. In addition, the tank slime and sludge that diesel fuel users commonly encounter is eliminated, along with frequent and costly fuel filter changes.
Super Concentrated–PRI-D is super concentrated, treating fuel at a 1:2,000 ratio. This means PRI-D is extremely cost effective to use. Get the most out of your diesel fuel for only pennies a gallon.

Safe To Use – PRI-D’s enhanced thermal stability chemistry works within the fuel instead of altering it, which means the product is completely safe to use.
PRI-D contains no potentially damaging cetane improvement additives or harsh solvent chemistry. No fuel specifications are changed, therefore PRI-D meets all major engine manufacturer fuel specifications – warranties are not voided! Use PRI-D today to get the most out of your diesel fuel and your engine.

Bottle Size   Diesel Fuel Treated

16 Ounces    256 gallons
32 Ounces    512 gallons
     1 Gallon      2,000 gallons

PRI-D  Diesel treatment 16oz Treats 256 gallons of gas. $21.95 each.

PRI-D Diesel treatment 16oz bottles. Case of 12. $260.00

PRI-D Diesel treatment 32oz Treats 512 gallons of gas.

$32.95 each.

PRI-D Diesel treatment 32oz  Case of 12. $390.00.

PRI-D Diesel treatment 1 gallon bottle treats 2000 gallons       $88.00 each

PRI-D Diesel treatment 1 gallon Case of 6  $530.00

PRI-D Diesel treatment 5 gallon treats 10420 gallons $310.00

email us for shipping cost, we will invoice you with price and freight

PRI-D Diesel treatment 55 gallon treats 112640 gallons $3200.00

email us for shipping cost, we will invoice you with price and freight

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