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The Future of Business and Commerce Is On The Internet

Do you want to build a website? The website that you are viewing was built in 2 months using Solo Build It. Most web page software on the market today can help build a web page so you can work from home. Putting that web page on the internet is like throwing a grain of sand onto a beach, then trying to find it. You will never be able to locate it. SBI not only shows you how to build a website, it also teaches you how to list with the search engines and how to monetize your site without expensive advertising.

You can spend thousands of dollars to have a website built by a professional webmaster, but he cannot tell you how to list with the search engines or how to bring visitors to you site. SBI does. SBI is geared toward the person who knows little to nothing about the internet. With step by step instructions on how to build each page on your site, you will soon become a pro.

SBI also has a fantastic support team to help you through the tough spots. Their forums can help you to solve any problems that you encounter. The forum is made up of both SBI professionals and SBI users, who are there to help you in any way you need. If you want to work at home, and build your own website, then SBI is for you.

SBI also can be used by professional webmasters, as it will allow you to upload your own HTML pages, and incorporate them into your SBI site. So if you are a professional do not discount SBI.

We do not work for SBI but we are so pleased with the company that we felt we had to get the word out.

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