Watching Your Water Problems

When you are selling your home , buyers will ask you what the average cost of utilities are. Having a low water bill will wet your buyers’ appetites. Try a few of these tips to lower your water and energy usage, and to help sell your home fast.

Water Tanks
You can achieve the most energy savings by replacing your old, outdated hot water tank. Older model hot water heaters waste money by heating a full tank of water constantly throughout the day. By using a tankless water heater, you only heat water when you are using it. On average, tankless water heaters cost a little more in the beginning than a traditional water heater. However, they save you money in the long run. Bosch, Rinnai and Takagi are great tankless brands to look for.

If you cannot replace your hot water tank, at least insulate your hot water heater and pipes. This will keep your tank from losing heat and decrease the amount of energy it takes to keep the water hot.

Appliances and Fixtures
It’s amazing how much water and energy are wasted by the appliances and fixtures we use. First, try to replace any old or large tank toilets. Newer toilets use a gallon or less per flush. Some toilets even have different flushes for urine and feces. Next, replace your older faucets. Newer ones are designed to cut back on water usage and still provide great water pressure. If you cannot replace your faucets, try installing an aerator. Aerators also hold back water and cut back on water consumption. Then, look at replacing your old shower and tub with newer models. This will also cut back on your water usage and give you the ability to check for damaged sheet rock, wood, etc.

Lessen Your Water Consumption
There are several things that you can do outside of replacing appliances that will cut back on your water usage. First, try taking short showers instead of baths. On average, showers use much less water than what it takes to fill up a bathtub. Next, wash your clothes carefully. Be sure to use cold water to wash with, and only wash full loads of clothes. This cuts back on your electricity and water usage. Finally, fix leaks in plumbing as soon as possible. The amount of water that runs out a leaky faucet adds up quickly. Save the water from leaky faucets and running water that’s heating up in buckets and bowls. The water can be used to feed animals and plants.

These tips make watching your water usage easy. Buyers will buy your home fast when they see how low your utility bills are. If you don’t have the time to decrease your water usage, contact us at We buy as is homes, and we would love to buy yours.

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