Hand Made Toilet Tissue Holder

Unique Toilet Tissue Holder

Reclaimed wood

reclaimed wood

A tissue holder that was born out of necessity.

Like most small bathroom cabinets ours was full with other items. I was always looking for places to store those extra rolls of tissue. I would buy an eight roll pack, and then have rolls of tissue sitting on the floor of my bathroom.

I bought a floor rack from one of those catalogs, and it worked for a while, until one day my two year old Grandson Joseph, saw the hole at the bottom of the toilet and thought it looked like a tunnel and decided to see if his "Thomas the Choo Choo" would float and maybe go through the tunnel.

Yes, he flushed the toilet, and boy was that a mess. I had at least an inch of water on my bathroom floor, and all of the tissue in the rack got soaked, and had to be thrown out.

**I also had to replace the toilet because "Thomas" got stuck in the tunnel.

toilet tissue holder toile tissue holder

So Michael designed and made these for me. Then, my Mother-in-Law saw them and he made her one, and it escalated from there. Everyone in the family wanted one. So he ended up making about 50. So now I have these great tissue holders stored in my garage, and I thought that I would share them with you.

These are handmade from reclaimed wood and finished in white or almond. I have had one of these in each of my bathrooms for years, and I love them. Mine are plain white, and they blend into the wall but you can stencil or decal them to match your decor. It will store 4 rolls of tissue, and a 5th goes on the spindle. The spindle is not included.

Price: $19.95

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