Emergency Preparedness In Today's World

As a child I grew up on a small cotton farm in Alabama, so I learned what sustainability was.  I spent many a summer day with my siblings and cousins working in the garden or the fields in the morning, and then the afternoons were for shelling peas and butter beans.   We also went on hunts for blackberries that my Grandmother would make into the best cobbler you ever tasted.   In the fall after the cotton and corn were harvested, my Grandfather would slaughter a pig, and put it in the smokehouse, while us kids were in the fields picking up bushels of pecans from the two ancient trees that grew there.

 Some of my favorite memories were of that farm, and I have dreamed of returning there. We dreamed of being self sustaining and self sufficient, having a small farm where we could raise livestock, and grow our own food.  Now many years later some of those dreams have been revived as life, religion, politics all brought them out to live again!

Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy Disasters

insure(in-shoor)v  1. to assure against loss by a contingent event

We insure our vehicles, our homes, and even our lives  just to cover any possibility, of damage or loss.  Why would we not insure our food, water  and gas supply?  It is to me just logical thinking to prepare.

After the disaster of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, I have come to realize that the government can not take care of anyone.  We must be able to take care of ourselves.  And setting aside  food and water, along with emergency supplies is always a good idea

Remember the first Preppers? These were the masters of preparedness.   Noah did not wait for the first rain drops to fall, even though his friends and family thought he was crazy.  And Joseph knew they would not be able to store all the grain over night.

 Today according to government guidelines FEMA suggests storing 3 days worth of food and water.   But is the government always the wisest voice of reason? Will they be able to or willing to step in soon enough to save us?  Just ask the citizens of New Orleans or New Jersey if they can depend on the government. 

My brother in law who lives on Long Island was without power for over two weeks after Hurricane Sandy.  What would you do in that situation? He could not get gasoline or food, because there was no power to run the gas pumps and the food trucks could not get through to deliver to the food stores.  He had to depend on whatever he had on hand, just to make it through the hard times. 

According to today’s biased media, we will be OK in a disaster,  because Uncle Sam will be there to take care of us all.  I don’t believe that.  I am a realist.  I do not want the government to “take care” of me and my family.  That is my job.  I am not a survivalist, I do not live in a bunker and I am not waiting for Armageddon.  I am however going to prepare for the worst and hope for the best, what ever comes. I am practicing preparedness in my lifestyle, and that is the best way to accomplish this.

A couple of years ago we were visiting our daughter for Thanksgiving in Seattle Washington when a blizzard hit and the power went out.  My son-in-law hooked up his generator and guess what?  It would not start. he had old gasoline in it and it had clogged up the works. He had never heard about gasoline stabilizer, so had never used it.

We are now offering both gasoline and diesel stabilizers on this website.  It is imperative that if you have a generator or just need to store gasoline for any length of time that you add a stabilizer to the gas tank or storage container.  The PRI products listed below will keep your gasoline and/or diesel for up to ten years.  Please read the magazine article listed below for more information.

Click here to read the article about PRI gasoline and diesel stabilizer

On the following pages I will be presenting some specialty items to help you prepare for the worst.  We are offering survival gear, Bug out gear, food for long term storage and many other items.  Browse our pages, you may find some things that will help you to prepare.

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