Wise Milk

Wise Milk Product

Product Description:

Wise Company is pleased to introduce Wise Milk. Our Wise Milk buckets consist of multiple servings (12 servings per pouch) of delicious whey milk. Just add one cup of water per serving and it’s ready to drink.

Wise Milk Contains:

12 servings per pouch
Just add water
Tastes Delicious
Lasts up to 25 years!

Comes in 120 servings, 240 servings, 360 servings, or 720 servings Buckets. 

We are dedicated to providing families and individuals with ready-made, freeze-dried and dehydrated meals that are delicious, nutritious, affordable and shelf stable. Wise products are packaged in durable, extra strength Mylar pouches to ensure freshness and great taste for up to 25 years. Prepared in minutes by just adding water, they are the perfect emergency preparedness, prepping, camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing, boating, RV traveling, Disaster Supplies Kit,
and for everyday use.

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