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Our website is geared toward bringing you the best green living products that we can find. We are now introducing some of the finest.

Clorox GreenWorks is now offering a full line of cleaning products for the home that are environmentally friendly, and safe to use around children and pets. Click on the image below for some free samples of Clorox GreenWorks.

green living products

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The Benefits of Solar Energy The Ultimate Green Living Products

If you’re looking for more affordable, eco-friendly energy alternatives, you can’t beat the benefits of solar energy:

1. Economical — Now more than ever, consumers are feeling the pinch when it comes to the cost of energy for heating their homes, powering their vehicles and generating electricity. But, by investing in the right equipment, many are seeing that solar energy is by far one of the most economical, reasonably-priced green living product available. Low equipment maintenance over the long run makes it an especially good buy.

2. Renewable — Because the supply of the sun’s light is free, unrestricted and renewable, solar energy users are never affected by shortages (other than nightfall), skyrocketing prices, or production limitations. What’s more, technological advancements enable solar equipment to consistently operate even on cloudy days.

3. Environmentally friendly — One of the most eco-friendly energy alternatives, solar energy production does not directly emit fumes, create greenhouse gases, carbon emissions, or yield noise pollution. A true green living product.

4. Convenient Power Source — Whether it’s used for back up to a permanent energy source or to provide power in remote areas, solar power offers all the convenience and dependability of standard energy resources, without the financial or environmental costs.

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Solar Energy Products At Northern Tool

light therapy

Living Sunshine A great New Green Living Product

We spend 90% of our lives indoors, away from the sun and its benefits. Our living spaces, these marvels of modern architecture, are designed to be “efficient,” to keep nature out.

Our tightly constructed homes and offices with small windows and designer window shades let almost no sunlight inside and our limited artificial lighting is no substitute.

Short days and limited exposure to sunlight have been linked to S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder), commonly called "the winter blues". Living Sunshine is a safe convenient way to help drive away the "blahs" and to improve your mood. Powerful full spectrum light and trace ionization recreate the sunlight that you need to feel your best.

Living Sunshine offers non-UV, high-intensity 10,000 LUX Light therapy that is covered by participating health insurance providers (Check with your plan to see if this therapy is covered.).

* High-Intensity Light for Maximum Benefit at 10,000 LUX
* Non-UV Light Source
* Automatic Timer
* Four bright full spectrum fluorescent light tubes
* Diffuser screen blocks ultraviolet rays
* A built-in timer helps you control the length of your session and automatically shuts off when your session is complete.

Max 03 none

Flicker-free 10,000 LUX light

Trace ionization

Power Usage
48 watts

Lint Screens & Filters



13.375” wide x 8.125” high x 7” deep

4 lbs


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